How can the Library help you?

The Library isn’t just somewhere you can get books. It’s somewhere you can do your work on your own or with others, escape sensory overload and get some help with studying. This section of the toolkit will introduce our library and the services it can offer you.


We have library staff who want to help you make the most out of your time at college. They can help you with finding, choosing and using library resources, among many other things.

How could this affect me?

Many students in the Autism&Uni surveys mentioned the library as somewhere they really enjoyed being, whether they needed some quiet space to get away from it all or find some help or just to get some work done.

The Library is located in the T.K. Whitaker Building on the DKIT campus. Designed by Scott Tallon Walker, it was opened in August 2001.The Library holds thousands of books and journals while curating a virtual collection of e-books and journal articles.The library at DKIT offers quiet spaces where students can study and complete course work.

For full information on what is available and how to avail of our DKIT library services please visit the DKIT Library website.



What to do next?

Make an appointment with your academic librarian

Practical tips


Email :

Phone : +353 (0)429370310

Chat : Ask a Librarian

FAQ : View frequently asked questions

Other practical tips, e.g. visiting the library when it’s quiet and checking out the facilities. See also Penny and the library